Hirnschwund.net UT2K4
DM-CBP2-TensileSteel​ 0 / 32
hirnschwund.net OpenArena
crescent 6 / 16
hirnschwund.net NOLF
008INC2001_DM 0 / 16
hirnschwund.net TRON +KillerApp
DM-01 0 / 16
hirnschwund.net TRON +KA #2
LC_01S01 0 / 4

Server: 5 Players: 6 Max. Players: 84


Welcome to hirnschwund.net! This is the place for your gaming pleasure.
We are hosting some older Lithtech games as well as OpenArena and Unreal Tournament 2004.

All of them are running on a box with 4 cores, 8 gig of RAM and a gigabit connection through the mainframe.
And yes - this is a linux box running windows servers. Without interfering security software we can achieve low pings and the best gaming experience. Want more information? Click here.

The game OpenArena is available from here: OpenArena-Download
To be able to play all maps on our server, activate "Automatic Downloading" in the settings.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is available on the Interwebz. You should install the latest patch for our server
and the additional bonus packs to avoid nasty loading times:

Mega Pack | Community Bonuspack 1 | Community Bonuspack 2 Vol. 1 | Community Bonuspack 2 Vol. 2